Finding the appropriate resources and support is key to assist you in making sound decisions for the care of you or your loved one.

The Internet furnishes a wide variety of valuable information, tools, and experienced professionals that can help you navigate this journey.




A Care Coordinator/Manager is an expert who can offer a wide variety of services to help families and/or support teams improve the quality of life and optimize autonomy for people during life’s transitions. This can include helping to keep family members in their homes to live independently, or to provide the resources needed to navigate and transition as other residential options are required. Other services include patient advocacy, arranging for community resources, insurance application, and claims management, and working with financial and estate planning team members to meet the family members overall needs.

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Our life is a full circle journey in which our family is an integral component. From the moment of our birth we must rely on others for our care until we become adults and become the caregivers for our parents -- then, we too will grow old and need to understand the challenges that we will face. Education is so important for you at every stage, no matter your age or role, so that you may live your life to abundance at home with your family.