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Crucial Survival Resources

Grandmother, Daughter, Granddaughter

I am on a constant lookout for information that will be helpful to caregivers and just discovered a great new blog that I think you will find very useful – Aging Parents Management.

Caregiving is a moving target and once you think you have mastered a routine or have all the doctor appointments covered a new issue arises and all your well thought out plans will be just that…thoughts. This is why it is crucial that you stay connected to resources that will guide you on these new issues as there is no reason to recreate the wheel and experience the frustration if you don’t have to. I would rather you have thoughts of control and calm, instead of chaos and crisis.

When I reviewed the site, I thought these three articles were the most useful — Fluid Long-Term Care Plan, Time is Not on my Side, and Mom its Time to Move.

I hope you will discover some other articles on this blog that will be helpful and if so please send us a reply so we can share with others. Additionally, I will be adding the link to my resource page and we welcome any other sites you would like to share to assist others on this road of caregiving.